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A : We suggest cleaning out each product at least once per month. Of course, this depends on the kinds and amounts of activities you and your furry friend take on! If your pup is a “chiller,” once per month should be enough. If you have an energetic pup who sweats, rolls around in grass and/or dirt and is highly active, once every week or two is advised.

Step 1 : Fill a container (whatever size big enough to comfortably wash your gear in) with warm water and a mild soap. Please avoid bleach and other solutions containing harsh chemicals.
Step 2 : Submerge products and rinse thoroughly.
Step 3 : Make sure the outer side of the products – the side with the designs – is not being scratched or harmed.
Step 4 : Once all rinsed, run products through just water (no soap).
Step 5 : Let air dry – preferably in the shade, not exposed to direct sunlight.

PRO TIP: If you’re a stickler for cleanliness like us, we suggest using any 100% natural and biodegradable odor eliminator. There are plenty on the market, and they are safe for the environment and hypoallergenic. Follow the steps above, but replace the soap with the odor eliminator you chose.

A : Yes! As a matter of fact, the padding on our products is neoprene – the same material used for wetsuits. It is extremely important, however, to wash out your gear right after your dog goes in the ocean or pool with it. This will ensure the colors stay vibrant, and all of the salts and bacteria are removed completely.
A : Fitting your pup with the perfect size is an absolute must for both you and them to be comfortable. For a visual guide to ordering the correct size, please click on "Sizing Guide" before adding a Collar and/or Harness to your cart.
Step 1 : Make sure the side with the metal D-ring is facing your dog’s tail
Step 2 : Unbuckle the two straps and place your dog’s head through the opening on the opposite side
Step 3 : Buckle the two straps around your dog’s torso
Step 4 : Make sure to adjust both around the head/shoulders as well as around the torso to secure a snug fit
Step 5 : Voilà – You’re done!”
A : To put it simply, our products are made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. To put it scientifically, those plastic bottles are called polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which we then turn into recycled polyethylene terephthalate (RPET).
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