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My name is Arturo Silberstein and I am the founder of Rescü, a startup which was created with the goal of making top of the line collars, leashes and harnesses for our pups, while having a true, positive impact on our planet.

Plastic has become a vital material across every aspect of our daily lives. It is used to package and store food and drinks, in electronics, in sports equipment, in blankets and carpets, in cars. I challenge you to find an aspect of our lives that does not utilize plastic in one way or another. That’s a scary reality, don’t you think? Something that we have become so incredibly dependent upon, is the reason why our natural resources are being degraded, our oceans and their eco-systems are suffering, and our environment as a whole is being polluted.

Rescü is a company dedicated first and foremost, to our #Rescüers and their pups, but just as importantly, to taking environmental responsibility. We genuinely believe that with every collar, leash and harness sold, the environment can breathe just a little bit easier.

So please, #Rescüers, join us on our journey to making a real difference - your pup will thank you for it, and so will the planet!

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“Repurpose with a Purpose.” Think about that idea for a moment… Rescü repurposes post-consumer plastic waste into high quality and unique dog collars, leashes and harnesses, with the purpose of reducing the collective footprint we’re putting on this beautiful planet. What better way to contribute to the sustainability of our environment than by providing our furry, four-legged friends with top-notch products? We truly want to make a difference, so we have taken our impact to the next level. Not only are we creating products from recycled plastic, but we are also donating to environmental initiatives through the 1% for the Planet Foundation. So #Rescüers, every time you gift your pups with any of our products, you are doing your part to preserve and sustain our environment. Our hope is to connect with as many of you as possible! If you’re reading this, you’ve already taken the 1st step. Join us in our efforts to give back - we’d love to have you on board!

Check out our “Giving Back” page for more information about what our products are made of and who 1% For the Planet Foundation is.

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